There are two types of transactions:

  • Pay In - incoming transactions.
  • Pay Out - outgoing transactions.

Every transaction has its life cycle: Presend -> In progress / Pending -> Completed / Failed

Presend (Pay Out only)

This status is shown with orange line under the transaction.

Here Freewallet is trying to create a blockchain record of your transaction. Usually, it takes seconds and you wouldn't see this status.

If this status is shown for a long time, there might be problems with your internet connection.

In progress / Pending

When the blockchain transaction is created you'll have to wait for network confirmations to approve your transaction.

Your incoming transaction will have Pending status.


Now transaction is completed and the money is in your account.  

Failed (Pay Out only)

When transaction is failed there is nothing to worry about. Check out the typical problems:

  1. Make sure you've entered the correct wallet address.
  2. Make sure you aren't trying to send more money than you have. Usually it happens when:
    1. There is another transaction in progress.
    2. You didn't count in the Network Fee.
  3. There may be an issue with the internet connection.