We have temporarily disabled the Buy option as we are currently working on improving this feature, making the transactions faster, and reducing the transaction fees. We don`t have the exact release date, however, we`re working around the clock to deliver it as soon as possible, we`ll even notify you by email, on Facebook and Twitter when it is available.

For now, we suggest you try our Smart Pay-in transactions. This option allows you to top up your wallet balance with another altcoin. 

You can find this option in your Freewallet by following these steps:

— Open Freewallet

— Tap "+", then "Receive"

— Choose any other altcoin.

If you're still seeing the "Buy" button, it means you`re using an old version of our app. Please update the app in the Android Play market or Apple Store to have a better experience. 

The total amount you will receive may differ a little from the estimated one as you buy crypto-currency on a dynamic exchange. If you need a specific amount of coins we kindly recommend buying a bigger sum just to make sure the needed amount will be credited to your wallet.