We have temporarily disabled the Buy option as we are currently working on improving this feature, making the transactions faster, and reducing the transaction fees. We don`t have the exact release date, however, we`re working around the clock to deliver it as soon as possible, we`ll even notify you by email, on Facebook and Twitter when it is available.

For now, we suggest you try our Smart Pay-in transactions. This option allows you to top up your wallet balance with another altcoin. 

You can find this option in your Freewallet by following these steps:

— Open Freewallet

— Tap "+", then "Receive"

— Choose any other altcoin.

If you're still seeing the "Buy" button, it means you`re using an old version of our app. Please update the app in the Android Play market or Apple Store to have a better experience. 

One time verification may be required in order to buy cryptocurrencies. It will take only a few minutes to pass it.

To complete verification you need to enter two codes: the first one you will receive from the call and the second one can be found on your online card statement (3 digits next to Indacoin payment where the most recent transactions are shown). Please note that the phone number you provide must match with the bank records.

If you can’t find the 3-digit code in your online card statement, you can record a video on your order page, so the verification will be completed and coins will be sent within 15 minutes. You can call your bank for the 4-digit code for Indacoin transaction.

After you pass the verification you’ll be able to buy coins with a few taps. All future purchases are instant if you use the same phone and the same bank card.