Freewallet ETH addresses are ERC20 compliant, however, not all ERC20 tokens are supported in the app. Transactions of currently unlisted tokens to Freewallet addresses may appear on the blockchain, however, they will not be available on your balance in the Service until they are added to our list.

If your token is listed on CoinMarketCap and exchanges but not on Freewallet, you should submit a request to our support team to get it added. If the transaction of your token was made to your Freewallet address before the token was listed with us, you may need to contact our support team for it to become available in your balance.

Do not use your Freewallet address to initiate any instructions or transactions from ICOs. If you did participate in an ICO and your token is an ERC20 one, please submit a request to our support team once your token is present on the exchanges for it to be added.

Adding new tokens to Freewallet is an elaborate technical procedure that requires both time and human resources. The time frame for adding tokens to the Service and making them available for users is set at Freewallet’s discretion. Freewallet is not responsible for any loss associated with a drop in the token value that may take place during that time, and neither is Freewallet responsible for the allocation or transfer of any gain associated with the token value increase.

You should note that terms of adding to apps and/or refund tokens can take several months. It depends on tokens type. The return time can be increased at the discretion of the company.