Why is my Monero transaction so slow?

This article will help you understand why an XMR transaction may be Pending for what seems a long time (few hours to few days) during the period of September - October, 2018.

A bunch of other wallets have reported to be facing the same issue (for example, Bittex) whose Monero support has been reported to be offline.

To be prepared for the coming fork (scheduled for October 18), we had to update the Monero deamon to its most recent version. At the moment, its settings do not allow to process transactions as fast as we did under a regular performance of our Monero Wallet.

But don’t worry, this is a temporary situation: we are implementing some solutions to improve the transaction flow today.

Here are a few tips that can help speed up an outgoing Monero transaction

  • 1. Make sure your transaction is not sent to an Integrated address. To check if the address is an integrated type, please paste the wallet address into the field ‘Check address’  - 'Public Address' on this website: https://xmr.llcoins.net/addresstests.html
    If it is the Integrated address, you’ll see the relevant notification.
  • 2. Send your transactions without a Payment ID (where it’s possible). You can verify with the receiving service if they require a Payment ID.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Center.

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