How do I set 2FA for the app?

- Install Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other app on your device.

- Open the Freewallet app. Select “Security” - “2-factor authentication”.

- You’ll see the key along with the QR code. Copy it.

- After that, open your Authenticator. Add account (e.g., you may call it “Freewallet”) and enter the copied key. You’ve started to tie your Authenticator to your Freewallet app.

- Then, open the Freewallet app and enter validation code.

- Finally, 2FA will be set in all of your Freewallet apps. Make sure to save it in the safe place.

- You will be offered to confirm every login or every payout transaction. Choose a relevant option.

- Each time you log in your special account in the Authenticator, you will see the code specifically generated for authentication in the Freewallet app.

- Find more info on the 2FA feature here.

More about How to set 2FA in the Freewallet: Crypto Wallet and Single-currency apps.

If you lost the 2FA code or the app, please get in touch with our support here

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